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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wind won the day

I woke to the sound of the wind. Dry roads were tempting me to roll out on my bike, but the winds convinced me that walking was a better activity for today. Blowing, gusting, the wind speed when I headed out was between 25 and 28 miles per hour, with gusts to 47 miles per hour.

Today was a day to dream of a road that starts and ends at my front door where the wind is always at my back. I suppose that if the wind was really howling in a circle that I'd be in the middle of a tornado - so my dream of a tailwind day is just that, a dream.


There are still some late-season blooms gracing gardens, hovering above the background of fallen leaves.

Amazingly some flowers that have gone to seed are still sporting their seedy look. It surprises me that the strong wind hasn't stripped the fluffy remains of the flower.

Many trees have totally bare branches, but patches of color still remain.

Some of the brighter leaves residing on the ground jumped up and grabbed my camera's eye.

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