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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Danger, bookstore in area

I often go for a walk in the middle of the day. It wakes me up, clears my mind, and in general is a good break from my work day. My mid-day walks usually have no goal in mind other than time, but today I found another excuse (or push!) for a walk.

One of my bad (or good?) habits, probably the exact opposite of my active riding habit, is that of getting wrapped up in a good book. That means I have a healthy addiction to bookstores. And - with the opening of Wayside Commons (a new shopping center that calls itself a destination) - there is a bookstore within easy walking distance of my office. I tested the distance today, a 15 minute walk to the bookstore, a little book browsing, and a 15 minute walk back to my office. Now that's a good excuse for a walk!

And no, I don't really need any excuse to walk - but I imagine on those questionable walking weather days a bookstore visit could entice me to walk.

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