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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sunlight disappearing

I'm afraid my days of sneaking in a ride after work are quickly coming to an end as the sunset is jumping (not creeping) back in time. Today was a beautiful day for a ride though, with temperatures in the low 70s when I ventured out on two wheels. The colors are starting to jump out, with sections of trees that are painted red and orange and yellow, and other sections that remain green.

There was still plenty of light as I rolled home at the end of my relatively short ride, but the sun was dropping, and the daylight was only a short 20 minutes away from disappearing. I suppose that's a signal to me to get back into non-biking season exercise mode. I walk outside year-round, and I'll continue to ride on the weekends - but I think I hear the gym beckoning.

Patches of color...

...and a too early sunset. Beautiful.

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