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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sunshine, cool, colors

A beautiful crisp fall day, sunshine with scattered clouds, colored leaves decorating the trees, a good day to wander on a bicycle...

A full day stretched in front of me with no plans, allowing me the luxury of waiting for relative warmth before I headed out. It was quite cold in the morning with temperatures hovering in the 30s. The sun was shining, and it would have been possible to dress for the cold, but I waited until noon to head out. Noon brought sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50s, allowing me to ride in close to summer attire. The addition of knee warmers and a wind vest were enough to keep me warm.

I rolled (on pavement) through wooded areas filled with painted trees. The rose-colored lenses in my sunglasses enhanced the orange leaves with brightness against the clear blue sky.

How can I enjoy the fall colors so much knowing that the next days will easily bring empty trees and colder temperatures?

Shadow play, riding on a sunny afternoon

Orange leaves jump out against the background of a white birch tree

Another sign of the season, a ghost proclaiming that Halloween is near

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