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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Afternoon delight

Yesterday there were light drops of water coming from the sky as I headed out on my early evening walk. I thought about not walking, but I quickly realized that as the season jumps into late fall that I'm going to have to adjust once more to the weather. And once I got moving I was fine - I just needed to adjust to my off-season exercise attitude.

Overnight, there was heavy rain, and I woke up to wet pavement and a very gray sky. The weather was changing though, and by mid-morning gray skies gave way to sunshine and dry roads. Clouds moved in once more, but it was relatively warm with temperatures in the high 60s. That's it - warmth and dry roads, and my bicycle sent me a message saying "it's time to ride!".

While the daylight is visibly shrinking each day there was still enough light to support a quick after-work ride. It was shorter (from a mileage standpoint) than I wanted, but I followed my instincts to finish while there was still a reasonable amount of sunlight. After all, it's important to be visible to the other vehicles on the road.

A quick spin, a few pictures, a happy Denise...

Large splashes of color along the road, still interspersed with sections of green

A view from the woods, a carpet of leaves edging a stream, trees sporting red and orange leaves standing in the background

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