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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Coastal views

Daylight, riding, walking, soaking in the sunshine... while I can (and do) walk outside both with and without daylight, cycling is something that I reserve for daylight hours. Today's beautiful but cool weather demanded a ride in addition to a traipse along the coast.

My early morning ride was accompanied by temperatures in the very low 40s, which meant that it was time to start to figure out my off-season layers. Ah, a quick ride with the right clothing, a good way to start the day...

Ride complete, my bicycle happy, it was time to head for the New Hampshire coast. Feet were today's mode of transportation after an initial lift in my bright blue fossil fuel-powered vehicle. It was a good day for a walk along the coast, blue skies marked by both white and gray clouds, a quiet ocean, sea gulls (and mystery birds too) decorating the water and the sky. In a change from my usual solo wandering, today's walk was accompanied by conversation, a shared experience.

Thanks Annie. While I do enjoy my solo wanderings, sharing the experience is fun too. A good change of pace, an enjoyable afternoon...

Blue sky hiding behind lines of clouds, sunshine reflecting on the water, beauty

Bird posing, resting

Yes, I really do know that I shouldn't shoot directly into the sun. Most of the "into the sun" photos I took today really didn't work - but I like this one, highlighting the clouds.

Sea gulls playing, quiet waves rolling in to shore...

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