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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Walking in sideways rain

Today was a day for relaxing, curling up with a good book, staying inside...

You know me though - in spite of the heavy, wind-driven rain, I needed to spend some time outside too. Walking was the activity of the day, supported by what was probably somewhat odd attire. My cycling rain jacket won the day, along a serious rain hat. To those two pieces of serious rain attire I added non-waterproof tights made of Power Stretch (a Malden Mills wonder fabric). These kept my legs dry in spite of the fact that they don't have any water repellant properties. The outside of the fabric is smooth, hiding a somewhat fleecy inside surface. Somehow the water just rolled off. My feet were another story; they were happy even though they were very wet. I chose not to wear my running shoes, figuring that it was so wet outside that it would take several days for them to dry out again. Instead my feet donned wool socks and a pair of Chaco sandals. The sandals (surprisingly enough) provide good foot support, and wool is the best there is at maintaining a semblance of warmth even when it's wet.

It was a wet but beautiful walk. Heavy rain was supplemented by a swirling wind, swirling and strong enough that I was surprised that my rain hat behaved itself and remained on my head. There were rivers running down both sides of the roads, and brightly colored leaves (enhanced to a shining surface by the flowing water) smiled up at me from the ground.

Photos today were limited to the sidewalk in front of my door where I could (somewhat) protect my camera. Potential photos jumped out at me as I walked in the rain, but those are only in my mind - no camera accompanied me on my walk.

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