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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snowboarding? Bailey!

OK, OK, you're absolutely right - I am a little bit nutty! But you know, I think that trait runs in our family.

Bailey's parents (yes, we do share them) are headed to New York for the weekend, and while their hotel welcomes doggy guests, Bailey wouldn't respond too well to staying in a hotel room if his mom & dad happened to head out without him. Instead, he is visiting the kennel at his vet's office.

Shhh! He doesn't know it's a kennel - he says he's going to the mountains to try snowboarding for the first time.

The next time my people go away for a weekend without me I think I'll head out on my own adventure.

Here's a picture of Denise and me soaking up the sun, pouring over a brochure in preparation for signing up for a snowboarding(?) weekend! Denise said that she doesn't like screaming down hills, so I guess this will be my very own adventure.

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