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Sunday, October 01, 2006

He's back

It was a good news day today. Or perhaps I should say it was a great news day...

Neal has emerged from the morass of confusion that has enveloped him for weeks. He is still battling a very serious disease, but the person we all know and love is with us once again. After seeing him in serious pain, and then in a state of confusion, this is a most welcome change. Add to that the prediction of the docs just two days ago that he was not likely to emerge from the delusional state that has been worsening over the past weeks, and his emergence is doubly sweet.

I'm trying not to lose sight of the fact that this is still a very real battle, but I'm very thankful that he is himself again. It was wonderful to talk to a real Neal today.

And Neal, I'm still sending love and healing wishes your way.

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