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Monday, October 09, 2006

Warmth drives bicycle desire

It's October, and while the days are getting shorter the temperature has been climbing in a very non-fall-like manner. Saturday's high was in the 50s, yesterday's in the 60s, and today's was predicted to be in the high 70s. The sun was shining, and I decided that I needed (yes, needed!) to leave work a little early in order to get a good ride in this afternoon. I know that this nice warm weather is limited; in fact, it's more than possible that today will be the last of the warmth.

Home and ready to head out wearing shorts (no knee warmers!) and a sleeveless jersey, I checked the temperature one more time. It was a balmy 78 degrees, the sun was shining, and the sky was blue. Wonderful.

Riding on this warm and sunny afternoon made me happy - even though I was very aware of the season's swiftly setting sun. Some of the roads that I traveled were heavily wooded, and there was a big difference in the quality of light between those and the more open roads that my bicycle wheels followed. I was careful to be home well before sunset since the sun seems to be in a mode where it simply drops out of sight, no easing from light into darkness.

It was a good ride, and a good memory for those soon-to-come colder days.

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