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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm counting the days to the election, and I'm hoping. Hoping...

It's not my habit to jump into politics in my writing, but I find I need to. We need change here, big change. We need an individual running this country who has integrity, who shows respect for others, who is in tune with the reality of the need for change, for peace.

It's time to stop talking, time to do, time to vote for change, time for a new administration. Let's put this country back in touch with reality.

Let's vote for Barak Obama.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Choochy roams Logan Airport

This morning an article just jumped off of the Metro section of the Boston Globe at me. Choochy, a toy poodle, escaped from her carrier aboard a flight to Logan Airport on Saturday night. According to the article she had seventeen hours of what must have been scarey (and lonely) freedom.

I wonder how the airlines accounted for their late departures... flights delayed as airport personnel chased a little white dog across the runways! The story did have a happy ending, with Choochy reunited with her family.

Curious? Read the article - 8 flights at Logan delayed as poodle toys with freedom.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seeking food

I'm heading home tomorrow morning, and I opted to stay at a hotel near Heathrow tonight for an easy morning trip to find my flight. I considered finding transportation into London, but it was windy and starting to spit (light) rain, so I figured I'd stay in and pick up a light meal at the hotel. Unsurprisingly, that thought didn't last too long.

I saw a menu for an Indian restaurant in the lobby, asked for directions, and started walking. I didn't find that (named) restaurant, but after a brisk walk the entrance to Achari beckoned. A spicy vegetable dish accompanied by nan made my stomach happy, and I was delighted to find relatively quiet streets for walking so close to the airport.

Tomorrow? It's a flying kind of day...

Word smiles

I work in an industry that insists on making up words. Many are acronyms (and I'm terrible at remembering what those funny letters mean), but others are just odd words.

Today I used the word discombobulated. I got a very funny look from the individual I was talking with; he thought I made up the word. Nope, that's a real one: discombobulate: to confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate.

Words can be funny, can't they?

Well, that was dumb!

I had an unexpected quiet (as in non-working) evening last night. I headed out to walk at the end of my work day. I walked, stopped for dinner, then walked some more.

And then... I thought I'd log on and clean up a few work items. I started my computer and tried to connect. My computer refused to behave. It told me exactly what was wrong, but somehow I misinterpreted the message. I rebooted, I jumped into the bios settings. Nope, still no wireless. I guess it was time for a quiet non-working evening, a chance to read and relax.

You probably already know what the problem was, don't you? The message indicated there was a bios setting or a hardware switch that had disabled the wireless capabilities. Yup, it was a hardware switch - one that is in plain view on the front edge of my laptop. When I saw the message, I assumed that the hardware switch was inside of the computer. I suppose it's a good thing I didn't have a screwdriver with me because I might have starting taking the computer apart last night. Who knows what a mess I would have created!

Wireless? In perfect working order...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Luminous Motion

A walk with a colleague through the center of Winchester, England led to the view of a very interesting light sculpture. On first glance it is a simple column of stainless steel decorated by flashing lights. The magic? A text message from a mobile phone can be used to change the color and patterns of the lights.

Curious? You can find a couple of photos and the thoughts behind the sculpture on the Peter Freeman Luminous - Motion Winchester - 2002 site. I was also fascinated by some of the projects shown on the artist's home page. I'd love to have the opportunity to see more of them in person. Do you suppose that is a good reason to plan a return trip to England? (Oh, you're right. I don't need a reason, and I will be back.)

light in motion

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday smiles

A weekend day, sunshine, blue skies, fall chill in the air...

gone to seed

autumn colors

A customer service surprise

Very interesting...

There was a letter from Continental Airlines waiting for me this afternoon. The only mail I usually get from airlines is a mileage summary, but this wasn't that - it was a business letter about my flight home from England last month.

It was a good flight, on time, normal.

The letter was an apology for the in-flight entertainment system not working during the flight from Manchester to Boston. I suppose some people were probably bothered by the lack of movie access, but books make me quite happy so I really didn't even notice. It was more than a letter of apology though, it was an offer of a discount on a future flight.

Hey, I think I may take them up on that!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Colors pop as dark approaches

It was really too late for camera play when I got home from work late this afternoon...

Sun-lit colors grabbed my eye as I drove home though, reds & oranges & yellows. I knew the sun was going to disappear quickly. I intended to walk without a camera companion, but somehow my baby Canon jumped into my hand as I walked out of my door. The sun slipped below the horizon very quickly, but somehow, somehow...

Just playing, I thought I'd grab a moving shot of the leaves beneath my feet. Walking, kicking through a carpet of brightly colored leaves, daylight fading. Given the darkness, I'm surprised that I captured anything, although the darkness is what gave my little point & shoot the time to capture the blur of motion.

walking, moving images of feet against leaves

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Late afternoon...

Home again after my wander to the coast... the sun was shining, and my bike was calling. A quick late afternoon ride in warmer temperatures than I would expect for October felt wonderful.

autumn colors

Visiting sea gulls

New Hampshire's Atlantic coast is a good place for me to get a quick ocean "fix". I tend to stay away during the summer months; I prefer the quieter seasons.

Today I was seeking waves. The ocean didn't cooperate from a wave standpoint, but it felt good to walk along the beach, to watch the patterns in the water, to speak to the birds, and yes, even to see some fall colors.

quiet ocean waters

sea gull walking

autumn colors

Friday, October 10, 2008

Colors of the day

I'm amazed at how fast the leaves seem to change; it's almost as if the transformation happens overnight.

A large number of trees are still sporting green leaves, and that seems to make the colors stand out even more.

fall colors

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Are you looking at me?

Sometimes animals just make me smile. I was looking, and this sheep was looking back. I could almost hear him talking to me.

sheep looking

No right turn?

What? I haven't been able to turn left out of (or into) my place since the end of May. That's when construction started on the section of road right in front of my drive. It's a busy section of road, two lanes in either direction with turn lanes and a center divider. The section of road that was being replaced is relatively short; I'd be surprised if it is even a quarter of a mile.

Wouldn't you think a relatively short section of road could be totally removed and rebuilt within the scope of weeks? Nope, the construction has been going on for over four months now. I've only been able to turn right out of here and turn right into the drive for that entire time. This afternoon I was surprised with a newly grooved and blocked off section of roadway. This time I couldn't see an entry between the barrels so that I could turn right into my road.

Now what? I zipped around again (a couple of mile around, that is), and cut through the Merrimack College campus to gain access to my road. I have to admit, this lack of direct access is getting pretty old.

The road was in really poor shape, so the rebuild was really needed. But hey! Enough, already! And the real killer is, since they are tackling very small sections each year I would bet that there is a similar access (or should I say lack of access?) problem again next year.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Blinking to be seen

Bright lights, blinking, drawing attention...

There was still light in the sky when I headed out for a bit of after-work exercise, but there was a definite chill in the air and the sun was sinking fast. I stopped the thought "it's too cold to walk" in its tracks, knowing that in just a few weeks today's temperatures in the low 50s will feel warm.

It was a day for light layers, a day for donning blinking lights. It's that time of year.

Walking, warmth-generating exercise, blinks of bright colored light enhancing my visibility, walking...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Glimpses of England's Lake District

It was a visit that combined wandering on my own with attending a photography seminar, a chance to walk in places where I'd never been before. I'm certain that I'll go back though; the Lake District has jumped onto my list of "must return to" places.

If you'd like to see some of the sights that flowed by my eyes, please visit my Fells, lakes, wonders photo galleries. And if you prefer words over pictures, you can wander through my words in my journal.

Up... dodd & fell:

Up... dodd & fell

A jumble of a day:

A jumble of a day

Down... lake & dale:

Down... lake & dale

Circling, changing places:

Circling, changing places

Sleeping warm

Ah, the comfort of flannel sheets...

It seems too early to make the switch back to colder month's flannel sheets, but yesterday I decided that it was the right time. Slipping into a flannel-lined bed on a chilly night is a real comfort. So nice...

autumn leaves

Friday, October 03, 2008

Early morning darkness

I wonder how long it will take me to grow accustomed to the dark sky outside of my window when I wake up. It's so tempting to roll over and go back to sleep, and yet, it's time to pop up and start my day.

I suppose as long as I need to convince myself to get up while the sky is still wearing a dark coat that I should try to get up even earlier so I can walk before starting my work day. Hmmm...