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Monday, October 16, 2006

Walk, click!

My intention today was to take a quick after-work ride, but I arrived home a little later than planned. Quickly disappearing daylight plus heavily shaded roads along my close-to-home cycling route made me head out on two feet instead of two wheels. And surprise! surprise! my camera decided to come along for a ride.

It was a beautiful afternoon, crystal clear blue skies accompanied by cool temperatures (low 50s) that dictated layers of light clothing. Guessing the layers right during this in-between temperature time of the year is just practice for the onset of real cold when my guesses need to be right when I head out. After all a slight mistake in the weight of my clothing doesn't really matter right now, but it will later. Practice...

Many of the trees are still clad in colors and some trees haven't joined the party yet, but it's clear that some of the colors are starting to fade and bare branches are starting to emerge.

From a distance many of the colors appear to be fading to shades of brown, but close views of individual trees still show autumn finery.

A real mixture of colors on a single tree... And look at the leaves that are still green where they join to the tree but have changed to orange or red at the edge.

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