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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wacky drivers

I've lived in this area long enough that I really shouldn't be surprised by stupid moves by drivers, but today - I was surprised not once but twice!

Morning, driving to work... I was on route 62, about to cross over I-93. The road there has a left turn lane (or what passes as a turn lane). It was occupied by a car flashing a left turn signal. As I watched, a car that was positioned several cars behind the turning car (who was nicely waiting for oncoming traffic to clear) pulled madly to the right, zoomed up the right lane, and turned left in front of the car waiting to turn. Luckily this bad behavior didn't cause an accident.

I would think that watching one piece of bad driving behavior was enough for a day, but it wasn't. Time to head for home... I was stopped in a long line of cars at a red light when I saw the second piece of bad driving behavior. The road I was on is just wide enough to support four lanes, two in each direction. I was in the left hand lane heading north, sitting, waiting for a green light. Several cars ahead of me, someone was very impatient. This car pulled into the southbound lane heading north, zoomed up to the red light, and turned left against the light. Hey, that light isn't supposed to be just a suggestion!

Amazing... or is it just amazing that I was surprised?

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