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Monday, January 01, 2007

A quiet entry to the year

Quiet, gray, wet, walking in the rain, rain receding, home again, relaxing, reading, dreaming...

I could complain about the gray and wet day that greeted me this morning, but it was a welcome day for resting and relaxing. Oh, you're absolutely right that I didn't sit still all day. My quiet at-home time surrounded a long walk in the rain. Walking togs topped with a serious rain hat and my biking rain jacket kept me warm and dry, in spite of the ever-present water falling from the sky. And the good thing about today's rain is that it has cleaned the remaining snow off of the roads, setting them up for cycling once again.

Wishes for a good year, for friendship, and for health are winging their way from me to you. From good dreams to a new reality...

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