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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sand, snow, sunshine, birds!

The last day of 2006 dawned bright and clear.

I had hoped to wander on my bike today, but some of the roads were still wet and white from yesterday's snow. It appears that the smaller roads were not plowed at all, bits of snow and ice still clinging to the road surface. My bikes and I had a quick conference, and they decided that keeping their wheels and drivetrains dry was the order of the day. Instead of riding, I headed to the New Hampshire coast once again to follow my footsteps along the edge of the water.

The ocean was quiet, and the birds were playing. It was a good day for walking, watching, and absorbing my surroundings.

A comfortable - but cold - seat in the snow.

I was standing right next to a large group of gulls when they decided to fly. There are just a few shown in this photo; there were many more in the air. Amazing.

Great blue heron after striding toward the edge of the ice (on the non-ocean side of the road) - posing.

Denise, walking.

More photos from today's wanderings can be found in my photo gallery Sand, snow, sunshine, birds! NH coast for a day

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