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Thursday, July 31, 2014

iceberg morning

It was another wonderful day, one that started with a good B&B breakfast and conversation.

A boat ride to view the small (and soon to disappear) icebergs close to the island filled the rest of the morning. I chose to go with Cecil of Iceberg Man Tours. We could sit or stand anywhere on the boat. I started in the stern then climbed the ladder to the bridge to join Cecil and two of my fellow iceberg viewers. Cecil has been running iceberg tours for 30 years. It was fascinating to chat with him as he took us to see the remaining close-in icebergs. Most of the icebergs that make their way to Newfoundland are born from the glaciers of Greenland. We circled two close-in icebergs. When I asked about what I thought were icebergs on the horizon Cecil confirmed that the 3 far away white spots were icebergs but that they were probably about 20 miles out. I'm glad I took the time to take the boat ride and I'm also glad that the sea was relatively calm.

Back on land I headed for the trail leading to French Head on Twillingate South Island. It's possible to walk a full loop on that trail but I chose to do it as an out-and-back walk. That allowed me to stay high above the coast, walking where the trail provided good views.

I wandered and wandered, finally grabbing some food and heading back to my B&B late in the afternoon for a bit of a break. I headed out again to find blue skies and towering white clouds. A few photos later, gray replaced the blue and heavy rain started to fall. Time to head in again...

It rained for a while, eventually clearing by about 7:30. Hmm... I headed out again, this time driving to Long Point (where the top of the cliffs is 300 feet higher than the ocean's surface). I ventured out on a short trail, then returned to the viewpoint to watch the sky change as the sun dropped closer to the horizon. I watched until I felt rain start falling again. I'm so glad I ventured out after the first rainfall - the late day light was pure magic.

late day light and billowing clouds