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Saturday, July 26, 2014

so wet!

Oh wow! I think it's a good thing we have a second day in St. John's because Denise said that we need to go back to two of today's wandering spots.

It was still raining when we woke up this morning but it stopped before we headed out for the day. We started by heading to Signal Hill. Denise left the car on Battery Road at the bottom of the hill. She said we would walk up next to the road then take a trail back down again. We walked up, stopping at a few spots that looked interesting. When we reached the top from a road standpoint we could see that there was still a small hill to climb. So... we climbed it!

The view was pure magic; there were wisps of what looked like fog hovering over the water in some spots. We walked around a bit, then headed to Cabot Tower to check out the view from the top of the monument.

As soon as we tromped down the first set of stairs on the trail down it started raining. Blue and I jumped into the camera bag and Denise covered it with the rain cover that she always carries. She was very happy that I reminded her to grab her rain jacket this morning; she really needed it today. The rain was light and steady initially. Unfortunately it quickly turned into a downpour. We headed back to Cabot Tower with oodles of other people to try to wait out the wet. When it didn't stop in what Denise thought was a reasonable period of time she decided to head down again. We didn't take the trail because walking a sometimes narrow (and maybe slippery) trail in the rain didn't sound like fun. Instead we returned the same way we climbed up - on the sidewalk.

By the time we reached the bottom it wasn't raining any more but it was still really gray. We walked a bit on the streets of St. John's before heading to just a bit south and to the east to visit the Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site.

As we got closer to Cape Spear it got foggier and foggier. I thought maybe we would just turn around but Denise thought it would be fun to see it in the fog. I'm not sure why she thought that because there were moments when we really could only see a wall of white. At one point I could hear the fog horn but I couldn't see the lighthouse except when the rotating light flashed green in our direction. Denise was right though - walking in that thick fog was pretty cool. I thought it was interesting that there were times when the wind blew the fog away a little bit.

Before deciding to end our wanders for the day we went to the MUN Botanical Garden to give our eyes a treat - colors other than white and gray. While we were there the sun reappeared, blue started showing in the sky, and the temperature jumped up a bit. That was a nice way to end the day.

Tomorrow? The forecast calls for sunshine and a temperature of 26 (C). We might add something different too but I'm sure we're going to walk both Signal Hill and Cape Spear.

--- Rover
a foggy afternoon on Cape Spear
on Cape Spear, in the fog