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Thursday, July 10, 2014

destination? Newfoundland!

We're almost to the point where I can count the days before we head out on our next adventure! Denise finally settled on a destination in early June. I think she closed her eyes and pointed at a map; I guess we're lucky she didn't land on a spot in the middle of the ocean!

Where? We're going to wander in eastern Newfoundland again. We're starting with two days in St. John's and the area around there. Next is Terra Nova National Park and the Eastport Peninsula, followed by Twillingate. Oh! I like that name!

We have B&Bs for half of the time - including a repeat visit to Inn by the Sea in Eastport. When Denise called for a reservation the innkeeper remembered her from our visit back in 2011. I think that's pretty cool, don't you? The B&Bs that looked interesting in St. John's were booked so we're staying at the Hampton Inn near the airport. That's pretty close to town, and I think it will be a good jumping off point for wandering on the Avalon Peninsula.

Since we're staying near the airport the first night and the last night of the trip we were able to get a better deal on a rental car too. We fly in at night and out in the morning. Denise discovered that if she picks the car up the morning after we arrive and returns it the night before we fly home that the cost of the car dropped by a lot of money. I think the difference in price is crazy, but hey - why not rent the car for 12 fewer hours and a lot fewer dollars?

I'm looking forward to wandering in Newfoundland again; I think Denise is too.

--- Rover

looking inland from the Eastport Peninsula
looking inland from the Eastport Peninsula, eastern Newfoundland