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Friday, August 01, 2014

back to St. John's

Hey, it's my turn to write! I could feel that Denise was thinking about writing but I know she's tired from driving (for hours and hours) so I grabbed the computer. Sometimes she forgets that I really like to write too!

Today was mainly a driving day. The day started with breakfast and then we jumped into the car and started driving. I thought we might stop somewhere to hike but the weather got a little funny. It was just gray when we started. Then it started raining on and off - not heavily, just enough to need the interval wipers to keep the windshield relatively clear. Next came the fog. It feels like that lasted a long time but Denise said it was probably only 20 to 30 minutes. I asked her why she didn't pull onto the shoulder to wait it out... she said she felt better moving with the other cars than being stopped on the side. The fog was pretty thick but we could still see the headlights of oncoming cars and the red tail-lights of the cars in front of us. We just couldn't see the lights from too far away! I was very glad when the fog lifted and we were back to light rain for a bit. The rain finally stopped.

After about 5 1/2 hours of driving we reached St. John's.

Funny, Denise didn't head to our hotel. Instead she drove to the waterfront and parked the car on Battery Road. Oh! We walked up Signal Hill again! I bounced up the hill with Denise, then jumped into the camera bag when we reached the top (because I was afraid I was going to get blown away). I left a little opening in the zipper so I could peek out. It was really, really windy up there!

Tomorrow is our "head home" day. We fly in the morning, heading to Newark and then on to Boston. I think we'll do a bit of airport walking in Newark since we have a few hours to wait for our connecting flight home.

--- Rover

Georges Pond on Signal Hill, St. John's, Newfoundland