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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

wandering in Salvage

What a fabulous day! Graham (my B&B host) and Buddy (his Siberian Husky) offered to show me the trails in Salvage this morning. Graham showed me the entry point to the trails at the tip of the peninsula; we walked together for about an hour.

The trails are signed but first you need to know the trails exist. To find the entry point, drive to and through Salvage to the end of the road. There was room for a handful of cars, two houses, and a narrow trail between the two houses. The sign was labeled "Net Point". That really didn't mean anything to me so it was good that I had a guide!

After we finished the loop Graham and Buddy headed back to Eastport and I walked around again, stopping as the spirit moved me, taking photos, absorbing the beauty. I loved the landscape today. It was rocky, decorated with bright green, water views everywhere.

looking across an inlet at the tip of the Eastport Peninsula, in Salvage, Newfoundland