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Monday, July 28, 2014

a drive and a walk

Denise was going to write today but she's a little tired from driving so I grabbed the computer. See - it's helpful to have a little red dog as a travel companion!

Today was both a driving day and a walking day. We headed out at what I thought was a reasonable time for a vacation travel day, at about 8 AM. Denise made a quick Starbucks stop to pick up some coffee and then we jumped on the Trans-Canada Highway heading north. I think the highway officially runs east to west in Newfoundland so I think the highway signs said that we were traveling west. I think that's a bit odd but Denise tells me that's how highway signs work.

We drove and drove, finally stopping when we reached Terra Nova National Park. We spent a couple of hours there hiking. The trails we were on were mainly in the woods with a bit of a water view on one of them. The trails were a combination of boardwalks and very narrow paths. We only did a part of the first trail; when the trail got so overgrown that I was having problems bouncing I grabbed a ride, hopping into Denise's camera bag. She kept walking for a bit, stopping when I told her I thought it was a good idea to turn around. The second trail was much nicer. There were longer boardwalks and the trail sections stayed a reasonable width until we reached the pond at the turnaround point. I think we were supposed to walk around the pond but I couldn't find any trace of the trail! I decided we should call that the end! It was a pretty walk but I know Denise is happier when she has a view to make her camera happy.

Denise thought about starting another hike at mid-afternoon. I convinced her to head to our home for the next two nights at that point - we will walk some more tomorrow! We're staying with Marilyn and Graham at Inn by the Sea in Eastport. (We stayed here the last time we were in Newfoundland too!) After we arrived we spent some time chatting with our hosts and with two other guests who arrived just after we did. It's always interesting to meet the other folks in a B&B!

A walk by the water completed another good day in Newfoundland.

--- Rover
a sea of blue
a sea of blue, as viewed from the beach in Eastport