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Sunday, July 27, 2014

locations repeat

Today was a repeat of the places I visited yesterday with a fresh start on the weather. I much prefer the sky on stormy days but today's subtle blue with wisps of clouds was definitely an improvement on yesterday's wet.

I started early with a loop on Signal Hill using the road (sidewalk) as the up path and trails (and many stairs) as the down path. Before reaching the top I spotted some stairs climbing a high spot that I hadn't previously visited. That was a good off-route wander. After that short "stop" I continued to the top of Signal Hill, then started down the other side. The trail is well maintained, including many wooden stairs that traverse the steep back side of the hill.

I stopped to chat with some folks walking in the opposite direction (than the direction I chose today). If I lived here I believe Signal Hill would be a regular part of my exercise routine - although I'd imagine there are weather conditions that wouldn't be conducive to the steeper trail section of the loop. The views are beautiful; I'd love to see Signal Hill in different seasons.

Next on today's wanders was a second visit to Cape Spear. This time I could see the sea, no fog!

Instead of returning on the same roads I made a side trip to Maddox Cove and Pretty Harbour where there were boats sitting in the calm waters of the harbor, light generating reflections of the brightly colored boats.

I headed back to St. John's with the thought of finding the road that runs on the south side of St. John's Harbour. I knew the name of the road and I thought that the road I was on would spill right into Southside Road. It did! I was able to walk to the end of the road, to look back across the harbor to Signal Hill.

Funny, I don't feel like I did that much today but I was out wandering for a solid 8 hours. It was a good day.

jagged rocks at Cape Spear, Newfoundland
looking to the north (and east), from Cape Spear