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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

to Twillingate

It was a day to drive and a day to walk.

I drove from Eastport to Twillingate, about an hour on the TransCanada Highway and 2 hours on smaller (and slower) roads. It was a reasonable drive, leaving me with plenty of time to start exploring this magical island.

The area is referred to as Twillingate. I'm looking at a map titled "Hiking Trails of Twillingate" that shows there are actually two islands and several towns - including one named Twillingate.

I started by driving to Long Point Lighthouse on the tip of the north island in the town of Crow Head. A lighthouse sits at the end of the road, signaling the end of the land and the start of a hiking trail. The terrain is a combination of rocks, bright green groundcover, and cliffs high above the ocean. The trail luckily included several sets of wooden steps providing a reasonable passage from the high point of the lighthouse down to a lower (but still high) level wearing paths that moved close to the edge. I happily wandered for a couple of hours, usually walking but sometimes sitting on a rock watching the water and soaking in the beauty.

I headed back to the center of Twillingate where I pulled over to look at the map. I looked up to see a small iceberg in the harbor. Oh, awesome! I thought a boat ride was needed to actually see one so I was delighted to see even a small iceberg pop in front of my eyes.

Next stop, Sleepy Noggin B&B, my home for the next two nights. I chatted with my hosts and with the other guests staying here, then headed out for food and another walk. My after dinner walk took me to the end of the road heading to the east on the southern piece of Twillingate Island. That's one of the spots I plan to walk tomorrow. Today it was a wonderful place to soak in the late day light.

magic light in the early evening