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Monday, May 29, 2006

Today should have been a rest day!

A three-day weekend at this time of year means three days of riding. Why? Because we're on the border between spring and summer, because the weather supports playing outdoors, and because riding makes me happy.

The sky was gray when I left home, and there apparently was the possibility of water coming from the sky - so I opted for riding interconnected shorter loops rather than a long out and back type of ride. I knew that way I could have a quicker escape if I needed to get out of the rain. As it turned out, it didn't rain - but my shorter loops almost got the better of me. My goal for today was a 40 mile ride (give or take a few miles). I remember looking at my computer at 17 miles and thinking that I was done. No, I really wasn't done, and I wasn't about to head home that early. Luckily, that "I'm done" feeling dissipated, and I rolled home right at the 40-mile mark.

It was a good riding weekend, but I really need to remember to take a rest day in the week leading up to a 3-day weekend. I know better! Next time...

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