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Thursday, May 18, 2006

An unintended mystery ride

Today would have been a better choice of a day to ride to work, but seeing the future (the weather at the end of the day) is not in my skill set. So today's ride was an after-work wander.

I started out, planning to ride a loop that includes some quiet wooded roads that skirt Harold Parker State Forest. On my way... ah, there is water across the road. But it's not too deep, so my bike and I rode through it. There were a couple of these shallow and small puddles, and then there was a big one. Nope, not riding (or walking!) through that one - it looks deep! I could have turned back at that point, but instead I took a left turn right before that road-hiding lake. I was lucky; I had to cross a few more smallish puddles across the road, but there weren't any more large ones. My ride was a little shorter than planned - only 20 miles - but still enjoyable.

Here's hoping that the water covering the roads has receded by the weekend!

Nope, not riding through this one!

Ah, this dry road surface is much preferred over riding through that very large puddle.

An amazing play of light with the sun streaming from behind a cloud

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