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Thursday, June 01, 2006

A dry bubble

The weather forecast for today called for rain starting in the middle of the afternoon. I honored that forecast and drove to work today. As it turned out, I could have ridden my bike...

Mid-afternoon, the sky darkened. It looked threatening, but no rain appeared. When I arrived home, it was hot, and the sun was hidden behind haze with no dark clouds in sight. I took that as a sign that I should ride... I headed out on my bike, hoping to get in a 25-mile ride. That wasn't to be, although I really can't complain about the 20 miles that I managed in still dry conditions. I cut my ride short because as I was about to start my last loop I heard the distinct rumble of thunder. Ah, time to head home. (I chose to ride a series of short loops so I wouldn't be too far from home if the rains came.)

When I got home, there was still blue sky and sunshine over my house, but it was next to some very dark clouds. Thunder, more thunder…

It actually didn’t rain until several hours later, but the thunder continued. And within 15 minutes of my getting home, the sky turned very dark. Heading home sooner than planned was a good decision.

It was really hard - or maybe I should say impossible - to capture the amazing differences in different sections of the sky, from blue, to white clouds, to angry gray.

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