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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Waiting out the rain, visiting geese

Today started again as a dark and wet day, but the wet portions were separated by oases of dry. I planned to take a quick walk after lunch, accompanied by my camera. But after lunch came an absolute downpour.

Waiting, working... Luckily my desk is by a window so I can see when the weather changes. Things started to dry out, and I headed out around 2. The ground was still very wet, but there was no more rain coming from the sky; it was time to visit the baby geese. It was a good case of my quick walk bringing a smile to my face.

It was still dry after work, so I decided to head home (with the hopes of riding my bike) instead of going to the gym. Wouldn't you know that within 5 minutes of getting home, the weather wizard intervened and it started to absolutely pour. Ah, no riding today. I thought about walking in the rain, but somehow that didn't really appeal to me either. Waiting, waiting... At 6:30 the rain stopped and the sky cleared. Hey, what’s that blue up there. And sunshine! Now it's time to walk.

A family outing, munching grass & heading toward the water...

Baby geese! There appear to be 5 babies in this family of 7.

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