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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Changing skies

I woke this morning to a clear blue sky, but light gray clouds took over by the end of the morning. As I rolled by a pond (on my bike), I looked to the north and saw that the clouds above the pond had formed ridges. Beautiful.

A little further down the road, the sprinkles started. Heavier, time to don my rain jacket. Luckily, the rain turned back to sprinkles, and then disappeared. Home, relaxing. The sky is getting darker, and it's no where near the time of sunset. Rain. Heavy rain. And now - the sky has cleared, and the sun is shining once again. A quick walk outside. The temperature has really (noticeably) dropped. A short time later, the sky started to get dark once again. Crack! What was that? Very loud thunder. And it's raining once again...

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