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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A goose visit!

Another after lunch walk, another visit with the geese and their babies! After seeing how quickly the babies are growing (from yesterday's quick walk), I decided that I needed to walk with my camera today. And I was rewarded with some funny geese antics...

Mom & dad & babies, getting ready to tromp onto the grass

Wait, I need to dry my wings first!

My turn, my turn! Time to shake some of that water off of my back.

There are more pictures of this family of geese, starting on page 6 of my Spring 2006 photo gallery. The pictures on page 6 were taken on May 16th, and the pictures (starting) toward the bottom of page 7 were taken today. It's amazing how much the baby geese have grown in just over a week. (And yes, I do believe this is the same set of geese! There are only 2 pairs that I've seen in this area with babies, one pair with 5 babies - the target of my camera on both days - and one with 4 babies. That pair was hiding today!)

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