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Sunday, May 14, 2006

A walk in the rain

There was a lull in the rain earlier this afternoon. It didn't stop, but the deluge lessened to a lighter rainfall. Ah, it's time to get out for a walk.

I dressed in warm layers, preparing for a wet walk, a cool walk. The temperature was just 45 degrees, and there was enough wind present to drive the real temperature to lower levels. And I added an umbrella to my walking attire; nothing like a fast walk sheltered by an umbrella! My feet stayed surprisingly dry for most of my walk considering the amount of water out there. Relatively dry feet lasted until about 10 minutes before I got home. That's when I crossed a street in a nearby neighborhood where the road surface had turned into a bit of a river.

I've been checking the public information statements on the National Weather Service web site; according to a weather spotter, my home town had received a total of 10.5 inches of rain as of 3:20 PM. Wow. That's a lot of water. And the forecast calls for another 1 to 2 inches of rain overnight.

Hey weather wizard! Isn't this enough for now?

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