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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Water, water, everywhere!

It's still raining, and raining steadily. As of 6:35 last night the town I live in has recorded 4.58 inches of rain, and the weather prediction for today shows no end in sight. (... and I wonder how much water was added to that total during the overnight hours.) The forecast? It's calling for 2 to 3 inches of rain today, 1 to 2 inches overnight tonight, and much smaller amounts leading into the work week.

I posted a letter to the weather wizard yesterday in the women's cycling forum that I participate in. That didn't seem to help - in fact today's forecast is for even more rain (than was predicted yesterday). Maybe the weather wizard will pay more attention if I post it here too...

An open letter to the weather wizard

Really weather wizard, don't you think this is enough?

You provided nice weather last weekend so my bike and I could escape together for the weekend - but we haven't seen the sun since last Sunday. And I did thank you for that weather, didn't I?

But now, you're keeping me - and I'd bet all of the other (cycling) women in this area - inside. Riding in a little bit of drizzle is fine, but that is some serious rainfall out there. And the National Weather Service forecast suggests that we will get between 2 and 3 inches of rain today with another 1 to 2 inches tonight. I know that it's been pretty dry around here, but do you really have to try to replace all of that water at one time?

Oh, you're trying to help us by scheduling rest days for us? Well, to be honest, multiple rest days in a row are really a bit of overkill; I'd rather let my body decide when it needs to rest. OK, occasional help from you is acceptable, but not this much.

Here's my wish... can't you let the rain escape overnight and let us have dry weather during the day? Then I'll be happy, my bikes will be happy, the other people in this area will be happy.

Please weather wizard, can you help?

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