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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hope needs assistance

Unwanted news travels fast, doesn't it? The phone lines from (my sister & sister-in-law in) Philadelphia to (my parents in) upstate New York and then to here were very active today - and they weren't transmitting the kind of news that any of us wanted. Neal started his second round of chemotherapy yesterday. The start of the treatment, the few hours in the hospital, (apparently) was much more acceptable than the first round. Unfortunately, the better start didn't stick around; he had a bad night last night and a bad day today, ending the day in the hospital.

How can a drug that makes the patient so incredibly ill help in improving health? I suppose if the drug is a poison to the cancer, it also can have an effect on the rest of the body as well. Here's hoping that the next time there is another drug that can be added to his regimen that will prevent this horrible reaction.

What really hurts is not being able to do anything to help. Is it in the realm of possibility that hope has the power to help?

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