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Monday, March 06, 2006

An experiment in comfort...

...for my feet, that is!

My normal footwear consists of a mix of Merrell Slides and Clogs for the cold weather months, and Chaco sandals for the warm weather months. Recently my feet decided they would like to try an experiment, something for a change of pace. I've been thinking about trying Dansko clogs for a while since they are supposed to have good arch support - and my high arches are in charge of selecting my shoes. And my sister has a pair, and I think that she likes them. And come to think of it, my doc wears them too.

I tried a pair on in a local shoe store. Good thing I did, because the recommended size 36 did not really work for my high-volume feet. I wasn't sure about the fit of a size 37 either, so I left the store without the shoes. Still curious though, and you know me, I didn't want the standard conservative black (or other dark colored) shoes.

Ah, Zappos to the rescue. I found a pair in a color called Sky (yes, they really are blue). And since Zappos has a dynamite return policy I could try these shoes knowing that it was possible to return them for a full refund even after wearing them.

So far, so good. My new shoes were waiting at the door when I got home tonight (nothing like 2-day delivery from a store that doesn't charge for shipping!) and they jumped on to my feet immediately so my feet and the shoes could start molding together. Comfortable so far, I think I'll wear them tomorrow...

An experiment in comfort...

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