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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sharing the beach with sea gulls

Ride over, sky still shining blue with high wisps of clouds changing, moving...

It was time to switch vehicles and head to the coast. I made a quick stop at Yummies in Kittery before heading to the New Hampshire coast. Yes, you're right, I had to drive past the coast to get to Yummies, but it was well worth the stop.

Quiet, it's a secret! I thought I'd construct a care package for (my brother) Neal. No it's not healthy, but packages of candy can be fun - especially candy that brings back memories of summer when we were growing up. I can't tell you how many people I overheard saying "penny candy!" as they browsed the crowded aisles. Oh, you think that Neal will find out about his package before it arrives on his doorstep? Maybe, but I'd be surprised if he checks my blog on a regular basis. And if he does - hey Neal, there's a taste of fun on the way...
Next stop, the coast of New Hampshire... The tide was out, and the waves were pounding. Still windy and still in the 50s made it a very reasonable day to walk along the beach. I wasn't alone in my wanderings; there were other people, and there were a lot of sea gulls too - flying, swooping, and joining the people walking down the beach. As the sun sank in the west, the surface of the water and the edge of the sky started to pick up a glint of pink. Beautiful, and a wonderful place to lose a little time on this Saturday afternoon.

It was fun trying to catch the waves with my camera...

...and to catch the sea gulls in action too!

More pictures from today can be found here. This gallery contains pictures I took on the New Hampshire coast on a day in late January as well as today.

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