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Monday, March 20, 2006

Is it really spring?

The calendar says that today is the first day of spring. The weather says maybe... It was a bright sunny day today, with the temperature rising from the 20s to a high of 31 degrees. A little cold for me for a spring day.

It's funny, if you look at the entry of the seasons, it's spring that I am the most eager to greet. Spring brings warming temperatures and lengthening days, and strong support for my outdoor addiction to cycling. Of course it also brings wet weather, but it's the warmer and longer days that make me happy.

The days still aren't warm enough or long enough (from a daylight perspective) to support commuting to work by bike. But daylight savings time starts in just two weeks. That should allow me to add some weekday riding, giving me enough time after work for some sun-supported rides. Yes, we lose some morning daylight and I need that early morning daylight to ride in to work. But realistically, I know that the early morning light will return along with the morning warmth I need to start my bicycle commute once again. After all, it was late May last year before the weather conditions supported my bicycle commuting habit.

In the meantime, I can count the days on my fingers until the daylight supports after-work riding. Happy...

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