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Friday, March 17, 2006

Just wondering...

This may be a little odd, but I can't help being curious.

I belong to the gym at the Marriott across the street from my office. It works out very well for me during bike commuting season since I can ride to work then have a good shower to get rid of the sweat before dressing for a normal work-day. It works out well during the off-season too; across the street means I have no excuse for not going to the gym! I've been trying to balance walking outside with gym workouts, and today I managed both. I finished my workout, and headed back in to the locker room. One of the showers was in use, but the other was free. I took off my sweaty clothes, took a nice hot shower, dried and dressed, and headed out. As I walked out, I could hear the other (busy) shower turn off. And that's the source of my curiosity...

Tell me, how long does it take to shower after working out? It's really beyond my imagination how I could completely finish my clothes changing act - including a shower - in less time than my locker room partner spent in the shower!

Hey - I warned you! Yes, this post is a bit odd!

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