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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Three days on two wheels

I'm so glad I got a jump start on my weekend riding by moving my working hours earlier than normal on Friday. As it turned out, Friday was the real winner in terms of weather conditions. I have to keep reminding myself that it is only March, and following the calendar, it isn't really spring yet.

I managed 21 miles Friday afternoon, arriving home before the sun dipped to the horizon. Saturday was cooler - in the 50s - and still windy. It was a 32-mile day. And today? It was very gray, looking as though it was going to rain, with temperatures again in the 50s and the wind still making itself known. Although it did sprinkle on me and my bike, the weather never degraded into real rain. My ride was shorter today, but today's 24 miles added to Friday & Saturday's jaunts on two wheels brought me to a total of 77 miles for the weekend. That would be a low mileage total for me if it were in the middle of the riding season, but at this time of the year it makes me happy.

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