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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ah, wind!

As promised, I woke to find a clear blue sky and temperatures a bit cooler than yesterday's 68 degrees. It was 51 degrees when I started riding, and 55 when I finished. From an early summer-like treat yesterday to today's normal March weather, accompanied by a strong and blustery wind...

No complaints here though - it was still a beautiful day to be wandering outside. And it was accompanied by the sounds and (some) sights of early spring. Birds singing, or perhaps I should say screaming, wind-blown ice chunks on a pond singing their own unique tune as they were pushed together and to the shoreline (and yes, I did have to stop to figure out what that sound was!), Canada Geese flying across a very blue sky... Skinny tires rolling along roads, dodging patches of sand and winter-damaged road surfaces, but happily finding the smooth spots.

Ah, a good early season ride.

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