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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Reversing exercise...

...times, that is!

I've been working out at the gym after work, and trying to sneak in a walk (for sanity's sake, of course) during the day. Walking during the day hasn't been working too well lately because it's been really cold. Walking outside when I'm dressed for cold temperatures is fine, but walking outside when I'm in my normal work attire is not as pleasant when the temperature is below 30. And work attire plus a jacket is my normal dress for walking during the work day. I need to get back to my twice a day active behavior.

Today we had a company meeting that stretched from 1 to 5 PM. That meant that I would be leaving work a good hour later than normal. I could have adjusted my start time, but somehow I still walked in to the office at 7:30 AM. So I decided to use that extra time by heading to the gym for a late morning exercise session. That was a good break, a good workout, and a relatively quiet time at the gym. I think I'll try that again...

The problem? When I got back to the office, several people with very worried looks on their faces came up to me with the question "Where were you? We were trying to figure out if we needed to call someone!". Oops! I don't really consider being gone for 75 minutes to be a large chunk of time, but it was long enough to make some of my co-workers nervous. It's nice to know that people care. But honestly, I wonder if their level of concern would be as high as it is if I hadn't taken that tumble from my bike so long ago. (How long ago? Believe it or not, I'm under 3 months away from the 2-year anniversary of that fateful day. And yes, it's still engraved on my memory!)

I think I'm going to have to try that exercise reversal more often. When I walk during the day, I'm usually only away from my desk for a half an hour. If I extend that time away to 75 minutes, I can get a solid hour in at the gym (which luckily is across the street from my office). And if I leave work a half an hour later than I have been - maybe I can get an hour's fast-walk in at night too. Well, probably not every day. But getting back to a double dose of exercise a couple of days a week would feel really good, and hopefully will help me build up to my bicycle-commuting to work several days a week once the days lengthen a bit more - and get warmer too. (Yes, you're right, it's really too early in the year to think about that. It's good to dream though.)

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