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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Impatience rules!

I wonder if anyone believed yesterday's post about waiting until next week's switch to Daylight Savings Time to start riding after work. I believed it when I wrote it, but somehow the weather today managed to change my mind.

As I was driving in to work this morning, I decided to shift my work start time back by half an hour for tomorrow and Thursday. And of course I would also leave work a half hour earlier in the afternoon, leaving me just enough time for a short ride supported by daylight. Today was a gorgeous day though, and I just couldn't resist!

I've been pretty consistent through the winter (and now spring) at starting work at 7:30 and leaving by 4:30. Yes, that is nine elapsed hours, but that allows me to fit in a mid-day walk with no guilt. Today though - I left at 4! It was bright sunlight and somewhat crisp as my bike and I rolled out of the house. A 53 degree temperature at the start of my ride lowered to 46 by the time I rolled back in. I managed 18 miles; while my body was willing to keep going, the daylight was about to disappear. I knew that sunset was just after 6, and I planned my ride to return home before the sun disappeared over the horizon. Nice!

Since this weather is supposed to hold through the week - with a forecast of temperatures in the 60s - I think I will start my work day at 7 so that I can leave at 4 without any of that silly guilt. I can feel more after work rides coming.

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