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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunny wanders

Sunshine greeted me this morning along with crisp cool air. Temperatures warmed from the high 30s into the mid 40s by late morning; I was able to quickly shed the extra layers that I needed for comfortable wandering early in the morning.

Two trails, a bit of driving, and some walking along the loop road filled my day. I started on the Jessup Path, a flat walk with a good portion on boardwalks lined with trees. That was a new trail for me, one I'm sure I'll repeat another day. My next stop was the Flying Mountain trail in Southwest Harbor. Until I set foot on the trail I thought this was a first for me too. The road in didn't jog my memory, but as soon as I started walking up the trail my memory returned. It's relatively short, up, up, over rocks, through the woods, to a view of Somes Sound, then down again.

I headed back to the main part of the park for a quick drive around Park Loop Road, driving interrupted by walking, a stroll on Sand Beach, some walks along tghe rocky coast.

I even braved the wind at the top of Cadillac Mountain. The temperature dropped as the elevation increased, and the wind cooled the temperature even more. I walked the short path at the summit, questioning my sanity as I found it hard to stand upright in the very strong wind. Crevices in the rocks showed a bit of white (snow). I assume the little bit of white stuff fell last night and simply didn't melt.

Tomorrow? My plans are to play in the park again, to stay here one more night. I have to admit that the forecast has me a bit concerned though; I'll check it again in the morning.