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Monday, October 31, 2011

(lack of) power

I've come to expect power to be available at the touch of a switch. Power, and internet access...

The power at home disappeared at 11:30 Saturday night. As far as I know it's still out; I'm borrowing a little after hours time at the office to post this.

It's not supposed to snow in October when leaves are still on the trees. Wet snow on leaves caused branches to break and fall across power lines; what a mess! There are some places where estimates from the power companies show expected power restoration on November 3rd, including areas surrounding my home. That's another 3 days without power, yikes! I was seriously thinking about staying with a friend tonight, but when I checked the status on my account it shows the possibility of power restoration tonight. Hmm... I know it would be smarter to stay away, but I think I'll chance it.

Fingers crossed...