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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Colors? brown? bare branches?

I wonder what colors the Maine coast is wearing right now. Do you know?

For last year's October visit to Acadia we saw brilliant colors along the road as we drove and more brilliant colors in the park. We hit it just right; on our last day there the colors were turning to browns. Denise said we were really lucky; she thought the third weekend in October was a bit late. This year we're visiting a week later, and the colors here seem like they were tinged with a little bit of brown from the beginning.

The weather forecast is a bit odd. It looks like the temperatures will be chilly even during the day with highs forecast to be in the mid 40s. It's Thursday night that looks odd; I saw one forecast that calls for rain and snow, and one forecast that said there would be freezing rain. It's too early for snow, isn't it?

I think it will be a good weekend for wandering!

--- Rover
colors in Acadia, October 2011
Colors in Acadia, October 2010