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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Schoodic day

Today's target was the Schoodic Peninsula. That's where part of Acadia National Park lives. We drove back to the mainland, then headed a bit further north and east before turning towards the coastline once again. At our first stop Denise tried to convince a cormorant to pose for her. He wasn't very interested, but I think some sea gulls decided to pose. (We'll see when we wander through the photos from today.)

We spent quite a bit of time clambering over the very red rocks at the tip of the peninsula. They were big, and they were slanty. I thought they were good for bouncing, but Denise wanted to make sure that she didn't fall. I bounced, she walked, placing her feet very carefully. She had a good conversation with a couple from Mississippi. They chatted for a bit, then everyone headed off in their own little wandering world.

Brr! It was cold today. Denise was hoping for temperatures in the low 50s; she didn't get her wish. The forecast was for the high 40s, but most of the day the thermometer in the car said it was 41 degrees. By the time we were finished for the day it was just 39. It's a good thing that I reminded Denise that she should throw some extra layers into the car; she needed them today. I did some bouncing across the red rocks; when I got chilled I hopped into Denise's camera bag and rode in my nice cozy spot for a bit.

The colors here are past peak, but there are still trees wearing leaves in color. In one place there was a line of trees with no leaves. Just behind that there were some taller trees with bright yellow showing above bare branches. In other places there was a single tree wearing bright yellow in a sea of rust-colored leaves. I hope Denise grabbed some good photos to share!

Oh! you want to know what we're going to do tomorrow? We'll be wandering in lots of circles, around Park Loop Road, walking. I think Denise wants to wait and see what the weather wizard brings before figuring out which hike(s) feel right for the day.

--- Rover