Denise Goldberg's blog

Monday, August 30, 2010


Two days to go, and Denise's "stuff" has turned from piled to packed. You don't know about Denise's packing habits? She learned a long time ago that packing the night before a trip makes her a bit crazy. She says that she would rather have a day to pick up things she is missing - but I can't remember the last time she was missing anything. Calm is good though, and packing a day early keeps her calm.

I suppose I'm lucky; I don't need to pack lots of layers because my red fur keeps me warm. If it's really cold or wet then I can always jump into Denise's pocket (especially if she's wearing fleece!) or I can ride with the cameras.

Oh! Don't tell Denise that I wandered over to the Icelandic Meteorological Office website while she was busy, and it looks like the weather when we land Thursday morning might be a bit wet. If we go to the Blue Lagoon she's going to get wet anyway...

Denise isn't really all packed - she still needs to organize her camera gear. She says that's easy and not stressful, so that can wait until tomorrow.

--- Rover