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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to Popham Beach

You don't mind if I take over the writing again today, do you? Denise is busy looking through the photos that jumped into her camera, and I think she needs a break anyway.

Today we went to Popham Beach again. As we were driving there I could hear Denise thinking that she should have checked the tides. I know she wants to see this place at high tide (or close to it), but I also know that the walking is very limited then. It wasn't an issue early in the morning, but I just checked the park's web site and found that today was a "beach advisory" day. From the park's web site: "Dates listing a Beach Advisory have a high tide during peak hours resulting in very little beach space during busy times". It's a good thing we were there before the ocean took back the sand!

We walked on the sand, through pools of shallow water, and I even convinced Denise to walk up the rocky surface of the island that is connected to the mainland at low tide. There were tide pools up there, and wonderful views of waves. The sound of the waves were with us for most of our visit.

Too soon, it was time to reverse direction and head for home. I know we'll be back though.

--- Rover

Popham Beach State Park, Maine

Popham Beach State Park, Maine