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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Between the raindrops

Light rain was falling as I drove to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge this morning. Yes, I know, it probably would have been smarter not to head for the coast when rain was forecast for today - but somehow I felt a need to walk along the coast.

I haven't been to Parker River since the beach was closed for the season. It closes April 1st and usually reopens in last July or August. Apparently the piping plovers have been busy this year because the refuge beach is still closed. No matter, I walked on the inland side, and I was able to walk on the beach at Sandy Point State Reservation on the southern end of Plum Island.

beach closed

endangered, terns & piping plovers

It was a day of dodging raindrops, of enjoying the beauty of Parker River. I started on the inland side of Plum Island, startled at how little water was in several always filled ponds.

There were colors... marshy areas still wore green, and sections of yellow and pink-purple blossoms were evident, pools of water on the beach reflected the clouds. What a beautiful place!

so green

water, beach

pink, wildflowers

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