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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So excited!

Denise is out walking in the rain right now. That means it's a good time for me to jump onto her computer to start sharing words about our trip.

I'm counting the days before we fly to Iceland. Did you know those days are down to single digits now? I've been reading about different places in the country, looking at photos too. Somehow I don't think the time we have to spend there will be enough. You do know about Denise and her visiting places habits, don't you? She says that if she likes a place that one trip is never enough. Hmmm...

I wonder where we're going to wander. I think I'd better do a little more reading in case Denise needs help deciding on a destination. She's always happy when I jump in with suggestions.

I think we're going to go to the Blue Lagoon at least once. Denise thinks that soaking in a geothermal spa sounds like a good thing to do after our long plane flight. We'll need to do some wandering first though; the Blue Lagoon opens at 10AM, and our flight gets in at 6:30. Yikes! I think I'd better figure out a way to help Denise sleep on the plane. I can always sleep on planes, but Denise can't always convince her body that sleeping on a plane is a good thing to do.

I'm so excited!

--- Rover

Oh! I wonder if there are some new readers here. Just in case you haven't met me before, I travel with Denise. I wander with her closer to home too, but traveling! so wonderful.

Here's a photo of me on our trip to Acadia back in June...