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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Evening light

Hey... it's me again! We drove to Fort Popham at the tip of the Phippsburg Peninsula to walk along the beach and to watch the sun paint the sky. We were on the eastern end of the peninsula so we saw color changes, not the sinking sun.

On our way back to Bath, we stopped at a pond to watch the sinking sun. We didn't stay very long because the mosquitoes were dive-bombing Denise!

--- Rover

A quick update on Sunday...

Oh! Denise is still wandering through her photos, but I asked her if she would put a couple of the evening light photos in a gallery so I can share them with you. (I think it will be a couple days before the rest of the photos appear.)

sunset near Fort Popham, Maine

sunset over a pond on the Phippsburg Peninsula, Maine