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Friday, August 06, 2010

In my hands

It took longer than expected, but my new camera (a Canon 7D) is finally in my hands.

As arranged by phone last Friday, the camera shipped on Monday. I noticed as soon as I received the confirmation email that the shipping address was incorrect. It was shipping to my home, a sure way to ensure a non-delivery since the package needed to be signed for. Very odd given that the person I was working with read back my work address to me to make sure it was correct. I know from our conversation that she was dealing with a misbehaving computer, so I suppose the computer flipped the shipping address.

Unfortunately by the time I received the email Canon technical support and sales was closed for the week. They are open from 10AM to 10PM eastern time, Monday through Friday. That wasn't good, but I was sure I could get the address corrected on Monday. I called Canon, and by the end of the day on Monday they had changed the shipping address with FedEx. But oops! Somehow with all of the package tracking they still didn't correct the address on the package. There was not one but two attempted deliveries to my home address. I called after the first one and was told that the package would be redirected. Nope. I called again after the second wrong delivery, and it was finally fixed.

Tell me, how can a company that gives you a tracking number that shows where your package is wandering not be able to correct a shipping address.

Friday morning, my new camera stopped wandering around eastern Massachusetts without me. Now, it's in my hands, ready for some camera play.